DAY IN THE LIFE: Mad about children


Twenty-three-year-old Miriam Angil, loves children as much as she loves working in media, if not more. This has seen her double up as a childminder at Rainbow Kindergarten in Kisumu’s Milimani Estate.

The jovial journalist who graduated from Maseno University works as a news reader at Urban Radio, just a walking distance from the kindergarten, but she wakes up every morning longing for the warm hugs of the four children enrolled at the one-year-old nursery school.

Angil who is a mother of a four-month-old baby girl, wakes up at 6am to do some house chores and to clean and feed the baby, before handing her over to her nanny. She then reports to the kindergarten before 8am.

Miriam doesn’t mind the messy work it involves changing diapers, teaching babies how to use the toilet and wiping their running noses.

It is all part of the joy of the job. She loves the miracle of watching a child transition from baby speak to fluency in English and also to see a child’s unique personality and talents unfold right before her eyes. From the time school opens with morning prayers, to time for drawing, singing, snacking and even napping, time flies when Miriam is with the children and before she knows it, the parents are at the kindergarten collecting their children at 12.30pm.

This is the time she heads to the studio.

“I am lucky because I report to the station at 1pm after I release the children. I then go into the studio to do another exciting job,” she says.

At the studio, she prepares scripts and reads the news hourly from 4pm to 7pm. She occasionally goes out to work on documentaries on human interest topics. Afterwards, she leaves for home to be with her baby. Miriam unwinds by watching movies, swimming and reading novels.

From minding the children, Miriam has learnt to be sunny and patient.

“I am always smiling and I am gentle with the children. You cannot shout at them even when they are wrong. I am also happy that I because of what I do, mothers can concentrate on the business of work without having to worry about their children.”

Miriam is enthusiastic about plans by the kindergarten’s owner, Mary Oyoo, to open a modern daycare section for children as young as six months old. Meanwhile, she dreams of starting her own kindergarten in eight years while advancing in her journalism career.

“I am building my career as well as doing what I love most. This leaves me fulfilled at the end of each day, “ she says.