Court reinstates ousted Baringo Speaker William Kamket


The Employment and Labour Relations Court on Friday reinstated Baringo Assembly Speaker William Kamket, who was ousted in March this year.

Judge Stephen Radido said the MCAs failed to give Mr Kamket a chance to defend himself against accusation of sponsoring violence lodged by 120 residents of Arabal area.

The court also noted the silence by the Assembly over the six month rule requirement before reintroduction of a similar motion for debate.

The second plot to oust Mr Kamket was launched on March 8 during which summons were sent to him via email.

He was required to defend himself against accusations that he supported banditry and activities by armed herdsmen blamed for cattle rustling incidents.

The Speaker had earlier been cited for removal and a motion held where he survived by a paltry one vote after MCAs complained of his involvement in banditry.

The court ruled that the MCAs denied Mr Kamket a chance to defend himself against the allegations before the full house.

Earlier, the county assembly had protested involvement of the court in its maters saying it was against separation of powers’ principals.

This, they noted, meant they had a free hand to run affairs of the county government for the betterment of lives in Baringo County.

But Mr Justice Radido asserted the court’s role in management of public affairs saying procedure must always be followed by parties involved if they wished to keep courts away from them.

He said courts have no choice but to streamline operations by reinstating the rule of law in all county operations when assemblies flout set rules.