Court issues arrest warrant for Mwiraria

A Nairobi court has issued a warrant of arrest against former Finance minister David Mwiraria for failing to appear in court to answer to charges over his roles in the Sh10 billion Anglo Leasing scandal.

Principal Magistrate Felix Kombo ruled that he was not satisfied with the reasons given for Mr Mwiraria’s failure to appear in court.

He said that the only option was to issue the warrant for him to be brought to court.

“There is nothing to show that his medical condition has worsened, and the explanation given by his lawyer is not enough to prove why he is absent.

“I therefore issue a warrant of arrest for him to be brought to court to explain his condition,” ruled Mr Kombo.

The magistrate, however, gave the former minister temporary reprieve by suspending the warrant until Tuesday when his lawyer said he will either present him in court or medical documents to prove he is incapacitated and cannot attend court.

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