Clinging to power a sign of ‘failed’ leadership

Uganda’s Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has criticised his former ally, President Museveni, for what he termed as “clinging to power”.
While launching his presidential campaigns in Bunyoro sub-region Monday, Mr Mbabazi said even if a leader was good, it was not sensible for him to cling on.
“The desire for leaders to cling to power is testimony that they have failed to groom leaders to replace them,” he said.
The highest
Mr Mbabazi served in President Museveni’s government for about 28 years in various portfolios, the highest being as prime minister.
However, he was dropped as prime minister in September 2014 and later in the same year replaced as secretary-general of the ruling NRM.
President Museveni and NRM officials accused Mr Mbabazi of creating cliques in the party to feather his presidential ambition nest.
Term limits
He responded by saying the constitution allowed any Ugandan to aspire for any elective office so long as they had the requisite qualifications.
At the Hoima rally in western Uganda, Mr Mbabazi said although he supported the removal of presidential term limits, if voted, he would ensure they were restored in the constitution.
In 2005, Parliament controversially amended the constitution and erased Article 105(2) which provided for two five-year terms for each president, non-renewable.