CIKU’S BEEFS: Would you sell your soul to the devil?

By: Ciku Muiruri

Reality TV has tried everything at this point. Dating naked. Eaten Alive – a wildlife enthusiast dons a protective suit and attempts to get swallowed whole by an anaconda.

Just when you think that you’ve seen it all, here’s the latest – selling your soul to the devil. They sent out auditions for people who wanted to sell their souls and document it on reality TV.

I kid you not. They got thousands of applications. The price for selling their souls? Wealth and power. Fame. Infamy. No one asked for world peace. Or an end to hunger and suffering in the world.

This concept is more common than you think. Google the words “sell your soul” and see how many sites come up. Is this a joke? The devil has several websites? I click on one, (how original!) and a black page with red writing (I assume for dramatic effect) comes up.

“The applicant or seller of the soul shall relinquish ownership of their mortal soul upon death for eternity. By: virtue of this agreement, you will be erased from the Book of Life and entered into the Black Book of Death. Terms and conditions apply.”


It’s a little creepy but also a tad bit humorous – terms and conditions apply? Ha ha. The site goes on to say that you should not attempt to sell another person’s soul (I take it this happens often).

The site warns that it has recorded your computer name and IP address to track you down if you knowingly enter false information. (I would have thought that the devil could track you down regardless! Does he really need an IP address?).

In terms of selling your soul, the ancient rituals used to be difficult and complicated. The idea for the long journey was for the soul seller to take a long time contemplating what they were about to do. At any point you could say no. By: the time you make the pact, you have been given every opportunity to back out.

Difficult items to obtain, hidden languages that needed translation, books that were hard to get, etc. But thanks to Hollywood and this reality show, it’s now as easy as ABC.

They do the work, you make the pact. The show itself is not that interesting. Too much blasphemy (seemingly one cannot make a show about selling your soul without saying nasty things about God) so I switched off after a few minutes. But it got me thinking. Just how many people have sold their souls who live among us?

There are words that are uttered by politicians (especially recently), casually speaking of killing innocent Kenyans to get to State House. Pure evil. These are always followed by the latest corruption scandal. Power, wealth, fame and infamy

It all starts to make sense now. The naïve statements we make when hate speech takes centre stage: “It’s insanity! How can someone say such things?” we always ask.

Well, now you know. It’s not that hard to sell your soul. How sure are we whom they serve? I voted for the Jubilee government. I did so because I believed.

I’m not paying lip service to that term; I’m telling you that I truly believed. But now when I watch the news, all I see is a terrible reality TV show. “Let’s go ahead and slash people!”

(Apparently you can say that on TV and not get arrested). Cord is no better. Their leadership gets into their cars and goes to defend people who speak this way. Who are these people?

When did they sell their souls? Why do we allow them to lead us? When will someone fresh and new (preferably from the private sector) come to save us from all these demons?

Please show up in time for 2017. I have the exorcism ready – my voters’ card.