Businessman denies selling land meant for Nakuru airport


A businessman has denied selling a 200-acre piece of land, earmarked for the construction of an airport in Nakuru, to the government.

Mr David Thuo, 84, said there were plans to sell the land to the government but the deal stalled after environmentalists said the property was on a birds’ migratory route.

“The government had identified the land and was in the process of buying it when the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) said it was impossible since the land is on a birds’ migratory route,” said the director of Thuo Commercial Agencies Limited.

Mr Thuo said the deal was stopped before he transacted with the government and denied claims by the National Land Commission (NLC) that the land was public.

“The title deed is still in my name. Let those who are claiming that I sold the land to the government produce documents to prove it.

“I did not receive any payment for this property from the government or Kenya Airports Authority,” he said.


The businessman showed the Nation a title deed issued in 1983 and vowed to continue subdividing and developing the land despite opposition from the NLC and some leaders.

He said change of title holder would have been indicated on the face of the original title deed if at all he had sold it to the government.

Mr Thuo accused the land commission of giving false information and inciting residents to demonstrate against development on the land.

On Monday, surveyors led by Mr Walter Ndenda were busy demarcating the land and placing beacons as youths cleared bushes.

Mr Ndenda said he was contracted to subdivide the land and had all the required documents from the government.

“I have consent of subdivision from the county commissioner’s office and a certificate of title from the registrar of titles,” he said.

County NLC director Frank Kibelekenya said the land would be put to other public use after Nema opposed the construction of the airport.