Bill bars Nyeri MCAs from operating foreign bank accounts without EACC approval


The Nyeri County Assembly has passed a Bill that prohibits the MCAs from operating bank accounts outside Kenya and receiving gifts without the approval of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption commission (EACC).

The Nyeri Leadership and Integrity Bill, that is meant to guide the conduct of the ward representatives compels any MCA operating a foreign account to submit annual statements of the account to EACC.

“The officer who operates the account shall authorise the commission to verify the statements and any other relevant information from the foreign financial institution in which the account the account is held,” says the Bill tabled by the chairman of the legal affairs and security committee.

The Bill is a generic version of the Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012.

Other measures include the guidelines for accepting gifts, key among them being a requirement for MCAs to declare all gifts and donations within seven days of receipt.

MCAs are equally barred from accepting money as a gift.

“The State officer may receive a gift provided that it does not exceed the value of Sh20,000 or such other amount as may be prescribed by EACC,”says the Bill.

According to the code, MCAs are barred from using social media platforms in a manner that compromises national cohesion or breaks the law.

The code of conduct, which was unanimously voted in by acclamation, will be submitted to EACC for approval before it can take effect.