Athletics legend Kipchoge Keino asks firms to aid athletics


Companies should invest in athletics since they also get priceless value when an athlete they support wins, Kipchoge Keino has said.

“It is the best branding for a corporate to identify itself with an athlete who has won a medal either local or in international competitions,” said the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (Noc-K) chairman. “There’s also the important feeling that you get when your contribution bears fruit.”

The 1,500 metres and 5,000m gold medal winner at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico said companies can help to nurture talent by organising and sponsoring small competitions such as cross country and short road races. That way, young athletes can launch their careers.

Keino spoke in Eldoret at the weekend after launching the Ziwa Farmers 10km race, which will be held on December 12.

The legend said in the mid-1964, a few months after his international debut, he got the support of a few parastatal employees when he started a cross country race near Kapkatet, Ziwa Location.

“About three years later, a number of young athletes who started off from the race were selected for the first All-Africa Games in 1965 in Congo Brazzaville,” he said.