As we welcome Pope, we can emulate him

Kenya is today honoured to host Pope Francis, who has chosen our country as his first stop on his first tour of Africa since he ascended to the papacy.

It is a momentous day and heralds joy and hope for the people of Kenya.

The visit is an important opportunity for introspection for all the people of Kenya as well as their leaders to rediscover within themselves the beauty and liberating power of truth and service to others.

Pope Francis cares for the poor.

He has extolled the virtues of humility and generosity to the less privileged and he has led by example.

His coming to Kenya provides an opportunity for all citizens to learn from his life, teachings, and work in pursuing dignity for all without discrimination.

The Pope has indicated that he intends to speak on peaceful co-existence at a time when the country is rocked by many divisions — political, ethnic, class, and religious.

He is offering the hand of friendship and has asked for harmony, setting for humanity an example that is worth living by.

The visit is a turning point in Kenya’s, and indeed Africa’s, history.

It offers an opportunity for the country and its leadership to re-orient our national values towards the pursuit of noble goals for the benefit of humanity.

The Pope’s life and work are a challenge for all to re-examine themselves, their work, their families, and their contribution to the betterment of mankind and to secure a better future for the human family.

The Pope has shown himself to be a unifying force globally.

He has reached out to people and nations rocked by conflict far greater than those that confront Kenya.

And now, he has reached out to our country, offering a path that can lead to greater national harmony, peace, and a better future.

Our challenge as a nation is to emulate the Pope.