Angolan activists’ trial to run until Friday

The trial of 15 Angolan activists charged with rebellion and a coup attempt will run until Friday.
The trial opened Monday in Luanda.
The 15 men are charged alongside two women with undertaking weekly trainings since May ahead of the alleged attack targeting president Jose Eduardo dos Santos.
The two women are in freedom while the 15 men were arrested on June 20.
The accusations
The trial is taking place at the 14th Section in Benfica quarter at Luanda’s Provincial Court.
Relatives, friends and curious observers thronged the trial venue on Monday with the police trying to keep journalists away.
A lawyer, Mr Garcia Paulino, read the formal accusation statement, making reference to the supposedly liberation government discussed by activists.   
The defence lawyers have denied the accusations and demanded the release of their clients.
Diplomats representing the US, Portugal and the European Union were kept away from the trial venue.