Al-Shabaab lauds Paris, Bamako jihadi attacks

The Al Qaeda-linked Somali group Al-Shabaab has for the first time applauded the November terrorist attacks in the French and Malian capitals.
A declaration issued via an Internet site said the attacks were a “punishment” for Western “aggression” against Muslims.
“We, the Somali jihadists, welcome the attacks in Paris and Bamako, keeping in mind that Western leaders have united in a war against us (Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq – ISIS),” read the declaration.
It went on to say that the united front formed by Russia, the United States, France and other allies was an indication of the level of harm inflicted by the assaults on Paris and Bamako. The attacks, said Al-Shabaab had “heightened the spirits” of the jihadists.
The statement stressed that France joined the aggression against Muslims in Algeria, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Central African Republic and up to Palestine, supporting the Israeli occupation of the Al-Aqsa mosque.
“Muslim attacks on France should continue,” added the statement.
The series of attacks on Paris was claimed by ISIS while a group allied with Al-Qaeda claimed the assault on a hotel in Bamako.
The statement concluded by saying: “Followers of Al-Shabaab movement are pleased to hear that fellow jihadists had attacked Paris and Bamako, dying as martyrs for jihad.”