A practical guide on the art of leisure writing

By: Kenneth Kiragu

Life is full of experiences and encounters that are unique to each individual. Some of these encounters happen in formalised arenas such as learning institutions, home, work places and the like. Yet a majority occur spontaneously in our daily lives.

But there seems not to be a time in sight when such information may be of relevance to our fruitful living. There are errors that we spot daily in people’s speech, the press and in our professions.

In the book As An Example, Nyanginja Oselle champions writing as the best avenue to capture every moment.

It is a well thought-out piece that motivates one to write, gives a general outline of writing, develops one’s understanding of various Internet tools, guides on drawing up strategies for marketing of one’s writing and touches adequately on the passive income source of web blogging.

This guide is in a class of its own. It puts in one brief practical piece, what would require countless volumes or seminars to achieve. This enormously reduces the cost to the reader.

I would highly recommend this guide to professionals and people whose daily lives involve a lot of interaction with nature and people; as a means to help them calm their anxiety by bringing to light some of the experiences.

Not to forget, there is the possibility of boundless financial rewards.

Currently As An Example is available only on order by email through address [email protected] or [email protected]

It will be available on Kindle by mid-September.

Reviewer is a lecturer at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology