3 Somali jihadists killed in battle with Kenyan troops

Three members of the Somali terror group Al-Shabaab were killed on Wednesday in a battle with the Kenya Defence Forces.
The terrorist, KDF reported, were killed near Basuba area on Kenya’s Lamu island.
KDF spokesman David Obonyo said five soldiers were injured in the 10am (+3GMT)onfrontation.
Two AK 47 rifles and 17 rounds of ammunition were found.
Bullet wounds
Col Obonyo said one of their vehicles was hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), seven kilometres from Basuba area.
He said the troops, who were on patrol, engaged the Al-Shabaab in a fight, killing three of them.
“Others escaped with multiple bullet wounds…five KDF soldiers were injured, two of them seriously and are receiving medical attention,” said Col Obonyo.
Locals said they heard gunshots and saw smoke billowing from Boni Forest where KDF is said to be conducting an operation to root out the Al-Shabaab.