Youths capitalise on plastic bags ban to form clothe bags companies

The ban of plastic carrier bags has been embraced by a number of youths in the town who have already formed companies to manufacture and sell clothe bags.

One of the companies, Durable Clothe Bags, has already flooded the market with their bags, with street children, who normally sold the plastic such bags now making aggressive sales with various colours of clothe bags.

The company director, Ben Kibue said immediately the government announced the intention to ban plastic bags, they saw an opportunity of making money and creating employment for the youths.

He said the ban on plastic carrier bags was one of the greatest policies by the Jubilee Government and requires support.

Kibue added that the ban was more beneficial, especially in protecting the environment than supporting plastic manufacturing companies, which not only affects the environment but limits the creation of employment.

The clothe bags retail between ksh.50 and ksh.100 depending on the quality and size of the material. He added that the bags are washable, and due to their durability they can be used for a long time.

Source: Kenya News Agency