SACCO unveils executive banking service

Trans National Times (TNT) Sacco Society in Kitale has unveiled an executive banking service to enable members transact in a secure and personalized service.

Speaking in Kitale Thursday, chairman of Sacco Mr. Robert Omari, said that the service will enhance service delivery for members.

The chairman explained that the service targeted heavy savers, and members who make bulk cash deposits, those who make bulk cash withdrawals, the ones with frequent daily cash deposits and customers who command respect due to their official status.

The service is meant to ensure that the members who deposit and withdraw huge amounts of money are secured in a personalized space, he said adding that the move will encourage more people and institutions to have confidence in the SACCO.

The targeted executive members include corporate bodies like public limited companies, private limited companies, institutions like schools, prominent business persons, government and government agencies.

We shall also encompass Non-Governmental organizations, opinion leaders, employers, teachers’ organizations, professional firms, churches and other faith-based organizations in the service, he added.

The executive members according to the chairman will have access to higher loan limits, membership through invitations to TNT SACCO sponsored events, access to international payment access systems through Sacco link visa card, free inter-account transfers, service delivery in a comfortable and spacious ambience and an ample secure banking.

He said that the executive banking service will help in solving the problems encountered in the transactional and saving products, accessing personal long term loans and on fixed deposits.

According to the chairman, some of the services that customers will be offered in the executive banking room are; relationship banking, preferential service through the priority teller, internet banking, SMS alert service and fast track service on all requests.

This will ensure that the client is served quicker, with high-quality service and in a secured manner, he pointed out.

Mr. Omari noted that the SACCO has now grown to over 10 000 members from only 200 members when it was started back in 1977.

Registered as Trans Nzoia Teachers Sacco Society, Omari said initially the Sacco served only teachers until October 2011 when it expanded to provide financial services to other customers other than teachers.

The Sacco was licensed by the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority(SASRA) in October 2011 as a deposit-taking Sacco through its Front Office Savings Activity(FOSA) hence we expanded our scope in financial services, he added.

Source: Kenya News Agency