Respect Kabogo, Kiambu women Rep nominee told

Some women from Kiambu County women have castigated the Jubilee Women Representative flag bearer Ms. Gathoni Muchomba for what they termed as abuse to the incumbent governor Mr. William Kabogo.

Muchomba who is also a journalist allegedly downplayed Kabogo’s gubernatorial candidature and challenged him to wear women clothing and compete with her for the women representative seat.

The women who held a peaceful demonstration outside Thika stadium on Thursday chanting anti-Muchomba slogans said telling a man to wear a dress was a sign of disrespect which offended their sensibilities as they are married to men.

Wamuchomba gathered women in a certain hotel in Kiambu and instead of selling her agenda started spewing hatred against men, said a resident Ms Jane Mugure. The outgoing woman representative Ms Ann Gathecha has been respectful to men and women; as women of Kiambu, we are shocked to hear Muchomba abuse our men, she added.

We voted for her because of her popular show that aims at uniting people but instead of reconciling Kabogo and Thika MP Alice Ng’ang’a who are fierce rivals, she took to antagonize Kabogo and women, Mugure said.

The irked women demanded that Muchomba apologises, or they would vote for an independent candidate. We are angered and we won’t vote for her if she fails to publicly apologise for disrespecting our governor, said Jane Wanjiru.

We want peace in Kiambu and Muchomba is not advocating for peace. We want Kabogo and other leaders vying for various positions to be respected irrespective of their parties, Beatrice Mwende, a resident of Thika said.

But Muchomba denied the accusations declaring that she had no apologies to make. She asked the complaining women to let men demonstrate since they were accusing her of abusing men.

Let them tell Kabogo to stop circumventing political issues and abusing women before assuming advocacy of men’s rights as the Governor’s abuses touch directly on their being,Muchomba said.

Source: Kenya News Agency