Residents urged to embrace ‘Nyumba Kumi’ for their own security

Residents of Murang’a County have been urged to embrace and strengthen their ‘Nyumba Kumi’ security systems as a way of managing security threats.

County Commissioner, John Elung’ata, said that members of ‘NyumbaKumi’ clusters play an important role in identifying and weeding out criminals from their areas. They are also able to mitigate issues that tear their social fabric.

While speaking to KNA, the commissioner said residents ought to freely forward any leads on security threats to the authorities assuring that such information would be acted upon accordingly and also handled with confidentiality.

‘NyumbaKumi’ is a philosophy that promotes strategies which support the systematic use of partnerships between communities and government policing agencies. The partnerships proactively address immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder and fear of crime.

It enables people from same neighborhood to pursue common ideals regarding sustainable and prosperous neighborhoods with its ideals turning focus from crime response to crime prevention.

The system adopts strategies that arouse and foster the goodwill of the community when it comes to sharing important information with the police to prevent occurrence of crimes.

During the 2013 Mashujaa day celebrations, President Uhuru Kenyatta reiterated that security begins at the individual level. Security is a shared mandate of all people living in Kenya. The first rule of security is vigilance. We must all embrace NyumbaKumi, the president was quoted saying.

County Commissioner Elung’ata said that law enforcement agencies are well equipped to deal with matters of insecurity but citizens must fully participate in ensuring that they forward information on strange, suspicious people as well as registration numbers of vehicles suspected to be involved in illegal activities.

His calls came at time when county residents have been raising concerns over increased insecurity and at the same time fearing that the situation might escalate during this festive season.

Elung’ata said that as soon as a lead is forwarded to the authorities, the necessary action will be taken to address the issue. He challenged the public not to just lament about the security situation but take it as a collective problem to be collectively solved.

If you see a drunken person lying on the roadside inform the law enforcement officer nearest to you, be it the village elder, the assistant chief or the chief who is able to deal with the matter or escalate it to higher authorities for action. said commissioner, adding that that the public should also adopt the name and shame attitude whereby those threatening their security are named.

Cases of theft which involve housebreaking and snatching of handbags and phones have been on the rise in the county in the past few weeks with people walking around Murang’a Town and its environs reporting of losing their handbags and phones to thugs riding on motorbikes or walking on foot.

Source: Kenya News Agency